Why this film?

     The Trial of Henry Ford will use the Sapiro vs. Ford federal libel trial to illuminate and explore a critical junction in American Jewish history—perhaps the most virulent anti-Semitic interlude in American history. In the process, it will demonstrate the power of an individual— to change history and fight for his people.

     Aaron Sapiro’s story is an inspiring example of what it takes to stand up to hate. He assumed enormous risks, sacrificing his career and the comforts of his family in order to do what he believed was the right thing. He courageously challenged Ford and his phalanx of attorneys, which included a sitting U.S. Senator.  He sued Ford for libel because he felt that to have remained silent would have been "cowardly'' both as an American and a Jew. For Sapiro, this was not just a simple matter of group libel or a case of individual harm to individual Jews; it was about principles in which all Americans had a real stake.  

     Sapiro’s courage stands as a model and inspiration for anyone who encounters hate in today's world—be it on an international scale, community, or internet bullying. We all have a stake in challenging and standing up to hate—hopefully this powerful human story will give us the courage to take a stand.